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Korean Grocery Shop

Save your money and time with our online store. Meet our fresh & high-quality products

Welcome to Harinmart Shop!

You are just at the right place if you have been looking for authentic Korean ingredients and groceries! At Harinmart online shop, we promise to deliver only the fresh and quality-approved goods to our deserving customers. We deliver fresh products shipped from Korea right to your doorstep!


Other than ingredients and condiments, you will also find popular Korean snacks and desserts. Save your money and time by shopping at Harinmart Korean Online Grocery Shop today! With our perfect set of delivery facilities and service call centre, you will be completely satisfactory after all.

Our Process

Product Imports

Harinmart’s first stage of distribution process is to select only the fresh and high-quality products. General products are supplied and shipped from manufacturers in Korea, local veg. and fruits are supplied from Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, Meat products are supplied from local supplier with AVA approval only.

Management of Inventory

Freshness and safety of food products come first than the price. We stick to the inventory management guideline and check expiry date of products regularly. Fast circulation of food chain distribution makes less inventory and maintaining high quality of food products. 

Fast , Satisfactory Delivery

We value our customers, as well as their time and money. By shopping online with us, your life gets so much easier and more convenient. Harinmart has a full set of delivery systems going around each part of Singapore while keeping freshness and quality of products. We deliver to your doorstep at your preferred time.